Omega’s New Hippocampus, How Comfortable It Is To Get Started?

The new Omega Seamaster Series 300m Diving Watch is the most popular watch in recent times, and its popularity is so high that many players have already bought it or are waiting to buy it. It makes sense that this new 300 meter diving watch from the Omega Seamaster series can be so hot. Once, Omega is one of the most well-known watches in the country. Second, the new seahorse 300m diving watch is very conscience and cost-effective from configuration to price. Such a fun watch must play a hand. So the new Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch was just launched, and I was looking for friends everywhere to see if I could buy one earlier. The new watch is listed, and there are more wolves and less meat. Fortunately, it is finally available (and it is the National Bank).

New Omega Seamaster 300m Dive Watch
 I also wrote this watch before (I wrote ‘Starting at 35,000, Omega’s most valuable watch is here’), but the watch was not yet available, so I mainly wrote about the new Omega Seamaster 300m diving The technical configuration of the watch, the differences and advantages between the old and new models. Now that the new hippocampus has started, I want to talk about the actual feelings.

New Omega Seamaster 300m Dive Watch
The size is right.

 The size of the new Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch is 42mm and 42mm. Compared with the previous generation of the 300m diving watch, the size has increased a little (previously 41), but it may be that I am used to wearing large watches Taking this watch out of the watch box gave me the first impression that this watch is not big. According to the current trend, 38mm to 42mm watches are the mainstream in the market, and 38 to 42 are relatively moderate sizes. I have a thin wrist and it fits nicely. Omega’s new seahorse 300-meter diving watch gives me a very delicate feel. The reason is, I think it is still on the lugs. The lugs of the new Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch are very slender, so unlike some diving watches, the lugs are very wide, so they look rough. The size of the new Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch is still very suitable for Orientals.

The new Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch measures 42 mm, which is quite modest.
The appearance is pretty.
 Omega has a high level of processing the watch case and dial. I don’t know if everyone finds it, Omega’s watch is always flashing and bright. Some watches, when viewed in pictures, are very textured, and once you take the real thing, you will find that it is darker than the picture. The Omega watch, in fact, is very beautiful, the reason lies in the treatment of the case, bezel and dial.

The new Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch case, bezel and dial have a high level of processing, and the watch has a strong texture.
 Let’s look at the case first. The case handling of the Omega Seamaster series is more complicated. For example, the new Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch case is alternately brushed and polished. The shoulders are polished, and the lugs are brushed on the inside, thus creating a light and dark effect (the ‘twisted lugs’ formed by the combination of brushing and polishing are a major feature of Omega). Looking at the bezel, the bezel shape of the Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch is actually more complicated. There is a diamond-cut look on the outside, and there are many cut faces. Although the bezel is all brushed, there are many faces and it has a light and dark effect. The bezel of the new Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch is familiar to everyone. The ceramic ring is enamelized. The characteristics of ceramic and enamel are bright and non-fading. At the same time, on the new watch, Omega has used ceramic dials, rhodium-plated hands, and water ripples on the dial, which are also light and dark. In this way, the case, bezel, and dial are intertwined with each other. When the light comes in, the watch is very sparkling and has a good texture.

The new Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch has a very high case and bezel treatment, with a combination of brushing and polishing, and a lot of cut surfaces on the bezel.
 And some watches, why the picture is good, the real thing is not good. The reason is that the way of processing the case and the dial is relatively simple, and then using a general lacquered dial, it is easy to appear dull and lack texture.
The rubber strap is easy to wear.
 For the first time, the new Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch has a tape model. I also feel fresh, so I bought it. There are currently two types of tape on the market, one is pure tape, and the other is a fabric with sailing canvas and other fibers. The Omega watch uses pure tape, which is soft and hard. The number of holes on it is sufficient, and the fine holes on the wrist are sufficient. Both types of tape have their own advantages and disadvantages. Pure tape is more durable. The tape with nautical canvas looks very texture, but there is a disadvantage that in winter, when the temperature is low, the nautical canvas and other fibers attached to the strap It will become hard and brittle, especially at the perforations. If it is often folded, the fiber will break. Pure rubber straps are more durable.

The new Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch’s tape is pure tape, which is more durable.
The 8800 movement is accurate.
 The new 300-meter diving watch of the Omega Seamaster series has a bottom for the first time, and uses the Omega main 8800 coaxial escapement movement, compared with the previous generation of the Seamaster 300-meter diving watch 2500 movement has been greatly upgraded. From the feel of wearing the 8800 movement, the departure time is accurate. I adjusted the watch to be within minutes and then wore it normally. Every time I checked the time with the phone, the watch had a very small error, which was in line with the Omega To Zhen Observatory’s daily error of 0 / + 5. The power of the 8800 movement was 55 hours. I also tried it. It was taken off on Friday night and not worn for two days on the weekend. When I picked it up on Monday morning, everything was normal and the power was sufficient.

The new 300-meter Omega Seamaster diving watch uses a bottom for the first time, and uses the Omega core 8800 movement.
 Some players asked before, what is the difference between the Omega 8800 and 8900. It happens that I have a 1/4 orange circle of the hippocampal ocean universe, using 8900, which can be compared with the 8800 of the new 300 meter diving watch of the Omega Seahorse series. In addition to the configuration differences that everyone knows, 8800 is a ball bearing automatic tourbillon, 8900 is a pin automatic tourbillon; 8800 power 55 hours, 8900 power 60 hours; 8800 is calendar quick adjustment, 8900 is time zone quick adjustment. I also noticed that the details of the 8800 and 8900 are different. The 8900 has a layer of fish scales on the main splint below the balance wheel. Visually, it can be clearly seen that 8800 reveals a huge black-plated black box, and 8900 reveals two relatively small black-plated black boxes. The difference is clear.

The Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 1/4 Orange Circle contrasts the new Omega Seahorse Series 300m Dive Watch.
 From the perspective of wearing a watch, the new Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch is very suitable for daily wear. In addition to the brand awareness, luxury, and technical configuration are perfectly balanced (the public price is 30,000 to 40,000 yuan), after all, the Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch is a professional diving watch, waterproof and anti-magnetic are very durable, making people worry It’s pretty cool to wear. So whether it is a new player or an old player, the new Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch is a watch that is very suitable for buying and wearing.
 PS. Finally, put a full set of pictures to verify the body.