Omega Speedmaster ‘dark Side Of The Moon’ Watch Landed In Australia

Symbolizes Omega’s bold style and innovative and adventurous spirit. The new black ceramic watch of the Omega Speedmaster series adds some fashion and sports style to this iconic series of Omega. The celebration of Omega on the evening of August 14, 2014 brought a sensory feast for the galaxy, paying tribute to the family like the Omega Classic Speedmaster series.

When the guests arrived at the venue, they were greeted by a special edition of Omega Bollinger, the first co-branded champagne produced by Bollinger.

The guests first entered a halo surrounding the historical models of Omega. These 15 models can be traced back to 1957 as the first Omega Speedmaster watch was officially launched that year.

After the welcoming reception, guests were taken to a second room, where they sat at a long table of nearly 100 feet long and enjoyed a specially prepared dinner under candlelight in a room specially arranged to the desolate atmosphere of the moon’s surface.

In order to meet the theme of the night ‘the dark side of the moon’, special sauces inspired by the moon were specially prepared for the night. The rich texture and exciting food extended the theme of the event.

At the end of the evening, the guests were greeted into a dimly lit lounge. A table of exquisite desserts, scotch whiskey and conak was waiting for everyone. DJ Leah Simmons (TheDollhouse) played the whole night’s music. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Extremely Inspired Chanel J12gmt White Ceramic Watch

Another watch event of the year-2012 Baselworld will be held in Messe Basel from March 8th to March 15th. Many watch brands will be unveiled with the latest watch jewellery. Among them, Chanel, the leader in fashion, brought the J12 GMT white ceramic watch.

The Chanel J12 GMT white ceramic watch is 38 mm in diameter. It uses white high-tech precision ceramics, rhodium-plated numerals and hands, uses a self-winding mechanical movement, and has a power reserve of 42 hours. The triple-folding stainless steel buckle and screw-in type Crown, water-resistant to 50 meters.

White high-tech precision ceramics.
Automatic mechanical movement. 42-hour power reserve.
Function: Hour, minute, second, date and GMT ** second time zone time display.
24 hours second time zone time display.
铑 Rhodium plated numerals and hands.
Swivel-down crown, water-resistant to 50 meters.
Triple folding stainless steel buckle.
Diameter: 38 mm.
High-tech precision ceramic is a durable material

This Is The Art Of Watchmaking Piaget 超薄 独创

For half a century, PIAGET has been devoted to researching and innovating ultra-thin movements, becoming an expert and leading brand in this field. Of the 35 movements produced by the PIAGET high-end watchmaking factory, a total of 23 are ultra-thin movements, which gather various styles and functions, and set 12 impressive records for the brand. These unparalleled ultra-thin movement manufacturing technologies have not only become the mark of PIAGET, but also have become synonymous with elegance, marking the brilliant achievements of PIAGET in three main areas: the basic movement (manual or automatic winding), the main complex function movement (Tourbillon, perpetual calendar, chronograph and minute repeater), and skeleton movements (including diamond-made skeleton movements specially made by the PIAGET watchmaker). Among them, the ultra-thin skeleton movement must consider the difficulty of creating ultra-thin movements, the skeleton technique is also required for superb craftsmanship, not to mention the beautiful dream of inlaid gorgeous jewelry on the skeleton movement, and PIAGET is the only one in the world who dares to be here. A dreamer challenged bravely above.

Ultra-thin watches and clocks

 In 1874, PIAGET set up a watchmaking workshop in La Côte-aux-Fées, in the Jurassic Mountains of Switzerland, and was instantly recognized for producing precision, durable, punctual and reliable movements. PIAGET first introduced its first ultra-thin movement in 1957, the famous 9P movement (only 2 mm thick), becoming one of the thinnest manual-winding mechanical movements in the world at that time. In 1960, the watch factory innovated again, launched the 12P movement, and cleverly utilized an outstanding technology made at the time by the ultra-thin movement-the eccentric automatic oscillating weight, making this one of the world’s best ultra-thin automatic winding movements ( 2.3 mm). Since then, the ultra-thin movement has become one of PIAGET’s marks and exclusive areas, and has become a platform for brands to express their creativity. In 1998, PIAGET relaunched the classic Altiplano watch series, the entire series is equipped with ultra-thin movement. After half a century of cultivation, PIAGET successfully blended technology and aesthetics, making the ultra-thin watch production process blossom, which not only became a brand status symbol, but also made the brand famous internationally. It has a few watch factories in the world with integrated own watch production lines. Middle position is aloof.

 To develop and manufacture ultra-thin movements, it is necessary to face and solve complex technical challenges. PIAGET has the superb technology and rich experience inherited from the family for generations, which is the most suitable candidate. Even the most ‘simple’ ultra-thin movement (only time-division function) is already a comprehensive complex movement, because the production of ultra-thin movements must challenge the limits of various parts, break the watchmaking industry’s conventions, and mark the manufacture The extreme of watch technology and micro technology, at the same time, the movement must maintain durability and excellent performance. To make an ultra-thin movement, it is necessary to overcome the additional difficulties that occur in each stage of design, production, adjustment, and final modification. The research and development of the new movement takes two to four years. The process includes assembling countless gears, pinions, axles, pallets, gems, bridges and springs on the motherboard. Given that sometimes the space is only 2 mm. Therefore, the thickness of each detailed part must be reduced to the thinnest possible. For example, the thickness of some gears has been reduced to less than 0.12 mm (the diameter of the hair is 0.08 mm). Experts must carefully test the durability of each part to ensure that the movement runs smoothly. It is also an important task to properly control the minimum space required between all moving components. In order to ensure that the moving components can rotate smoothly and operate reliably, the periphery of each gear must be ’emptied’. The ideal space is 0.03 mm. When assembling each PIAGET ultra-thin movement (some movements are composed of more than 400 components, so the assembly process requires extreme craftsmanship and skill), the ’empty’ range of each gear in the movement is indicated by the table The craftsman checks one by one manually.

 The elegant image of PIAGET is deeply rooted

 Altiplano’s minimalist style heralds the classic trend of elegant return

The never-ending thin journey

 Since the launch of two important movements in 1957 and 1960, in 2010, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary movement 12P launched in 1960, the PIAGET watchmaker launched a new 1200P movement, which was Complimentary record of thin 12P automatic movement! With its thickness of only 2.35mm, it has become the thinnest self-winding movement on the market. In the same year, the Altiplano 43 mm model with 1208P movement was also introduced. The disc is flexible and angry, making the 1208P movement, which set an ultra-thin record with a thickness of 2.35mm, even more extraordinary. The overall thickness is only 5.25mm, which is the thinnest in this category of watches. These two watches embody the essence of contemporary aesthetics, demonstrating the unique advantages of PIAGET in the professional field of ultra-thin watches, and this record has not yet been broken. In order to demonstrate PIAGET’s unparalleled superb clock technology, a skeletonized movement with exquisite craftsmanship came into being. The main board of the movement was as hollow as possible, leaving only the bridge and other equally indispensable parts. Since all the components of the ultra-thin movement have been miniaturized to the extreme, the cutout is also more technical.

 PIAGET 1200S, the world’s thinnest hollowed-out movement, naturally requires the highest craftsmanship in production. As early as the creative stage, the designer has carefully researched and calculated all parts to ensure that the world’s thinnest automatic winding skeleton movement can maintain the original durability and accuracy after being hollowed out. One of the tasks of the design team is to design the movement as sturdy as possible, and to gracefully span the long arc of the main board and the bridge to ensure the overall rigidity of the movement. The PIAGET1200S movement evolved from the 1200P movement. Compared with the previous work, the new 1200S movement displays a number of innovative elements: the 950 platinum automatic oscillating weight becomes the unique feature of this extraordinary movement, and the balance bridge also shows harmony and symmetry. The new aesthetics, the thickness of the wheel bridge is further reduced to a minimum of only 0.11 mm to ensure that the movement can be extremely thin. With its contemporary style and fine structure, the PIAGET1200S movement takes the art of hollowing to a new level, and pays tribute to traditional craftsmanship with lines full of fashion and charm.

 Challenge is impossible and perfection is always the brand spirit of PIAGET

Ultra-thin skeleton skeleton movement

 Only brands that can master the perfect cutout technique dare to have the idea of ​​setting diamonds on these movements, because setting diamonds on cutout movements means that craftsmen need the same ingenious diamond setting technology. PIAGET is currently the only watch factory in the world that directly inlays gemstones on the movement’s main board and other functional components. This amazing technology requires close cooperation between watchmakers and jewellery artisans, and merges the two areas of the brand into one. One.

 At the 2013 Geneva International High-level Watch & Clock Fair, PIAGET exhibited the 1200D movement (2.4 mm thickness), which became the world’s first self-winding diamond-cut skeleton movement. It set another milestone with its outstanding diamond-setting technology. Inheriting the design of the 1200S self-winding skeleton movement, the 1200D inherits the unparalleled slimness of its predecessor, perfectly blending clocks and jewellery craftsmanship. The research and development process alone has required the use of all the watch factory technology, which took a full two years to complete. The 1200D movement fully reflects the unique technology of PIAGET, with a thickness of only 3 mm, which is the thinnest among the same type of movements in the world. The diameter of the movement is 31.9 mm, but it is inlaid with 259 round diamonds (about 0.8 carats) and 11 egg-faced black sapphires (approximately 0.2 carats). Such an exquisite inlaying process, it takes more than four days to just inlay a movement. To inlay gems for the entire motherboard, it means that functional components also need to be paved, and only a handful of jewellery craftsmen can master the skill of centering. PIAGET will make persistent efforts on the basis of the brand’s glory, perfectly combining the art of watchmaking, ultra-thin watchmaking and excellent design to create more masterpieces of watchmaking.

          PIAGET Altiplano is the world’s thinnest skeletonized automatic watch with a thickness of only 5.34 mm

    The Altiplano ultra-thin skeleton automatic watch is equipped with the world’s thinnest automatic skeleton skeleton movement with a thickness of only 2.40 millimeters, manual cutting plate and bridge. The exquisite watchmaking technology is amazing. Suggested selling price NTD $ 1,900,000

 The Altiplano ultra-thin automatic watch is equipped with a PIAGET 1208P ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement. The classic design is full of elegant elegance of celebrities. Suggested selling price NTD $ 780,000

 The Altiplano ultra-thin diamond automatic watch with silver dial movement is decorated with ‘Côtes de Genève’ Geneva wave pattern and black alligator leather strap. MSRP NTD $ 1,025,000

    The Altiplano ultra-thin diamond skeleton automatic watch is equipped with a 1200D ultra-thin skeleton hollow movement made by PIAGET and set with 270 round diamonds. It is the most perfect watchmaking technology, making ultra-thin watches like the most magnificent works of art. Recommended price NTD $ 6,100,000 —

2013 Basel Chopard Real Shooting Classic Watch Assembly

[Watch House Basel Special Report] The Basel Watch Fair has begun. Watch House will bring you the latest watch information and pictures from the exhibition site. The brand’s high-definition beautiful pictures are presented first, and let’s feel the atmosphere of the scene together.
   Chopard Watches Chopard watches, a Swiss jewellery and watch brand with a history of more than 140 years, have always combined extraordinary creativity and luxurious materials to design timepieces with outstanding taste and novelty. In this year’s Chopard booth, you can see many of Chopard’s classic models and masterpieces in the past.

   The watches in the above booth include almost all the series of Chopard watches, many of which are still popular models. Are there any ones that you have already listed on your wish list?
   Follow-up reports of the Watch House Basel Watch Fair will be continuously updated in the 2013 Basel International Jewellery and Watch Fair feature, please follow closely.
Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

Popar Opens New Store In Matsuya Ginza Store

Blancpain is proud to announce the opening of a new shop-in-shop in Matsuya Ginza store, which is located in Tokyo’s most famous high-end shopping, dining and entertainment district.

   The new shop-in-shop is located on the 4th floor of the Matsuya Ginza store, directly opposite Chuo Road. This is the main shopping street of Ginza, and also a gathering place for many department stores, restaurants and cafes.
   The shop-in-shop reflects the brand’s proud history and its firm commitment to the spirit of ‘innovation is tradition’. The interior wall of the store is carefully decorated by craftsmen, showing the heritage culture of the Jura Valley in the Jurassic Mountains, and Blancpain’s exquisite watchmaking skills that have lasted for more than 270 years. Noble wood, exquisite shapes, purely streamlined furniture and display cabinets, all perfectly integrated to create a warm and comfortable environment with unique beauty.

   Throughout the history of the brand, Blancpain has developed a number of outstanding movements, leaving its own unique mark in the changing times. Independent research and development of production components and tools; each movement is manually assembled by a single watchmaker; hand-finished and refined to the smallest hidden details: to create superb timepieces that are innovative and respect the Swiss tradition. Perc’s advantage.
   A wide range of Blancpain timepieces are on display in the store, including the bold L-evolution series, the legendary Fifty Fathoms divers watch, the classic Villeret series, and the elegant ladies series.
Blancpain store in Matsuya Ginza store
Address: 3-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

No Fear Under The Heavy Pressure’ Tag Heuer And Li Yifeng Assisted In The Cba League Star Sharp Selection Plan Conference

On October 18, 2018, in Beijing Wukesong Hi-Park Basketball Park, the TAG Heuer brand helped the CBA League Star Rui selection plan launch ceremony. Tiger Heuer’s image spokesperson, brand ambassador Li Yifeng, Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association and chairman of CBA, attended the event.

Hi-Park basketball park activity scene

  In the last season, since the Tag Heuer and CBA League reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides have started the monthly best star player selection plan. Under the encouragement of this plan, emerging players continue to develop their strength and continue to challenge themselves in the game. At the best level, three outstanding young players won the award. One of the star players, Rui Zhao, also came to the event. It is the growth of these new players that has made Tiger Tag Heuer more determined to cooperate with the CBA League and to train Xingrui players.

Event opening dance

Speech by General Manager of Tag Heuer Greater China

  In the latest season, Xingrui’s selection plan is based on the addition of last year’s selection of Xingrui players, adding a Tag Heuer award for the best Xingrui player of the year, and providing overseas winners with special training Opportunity to encourage these young players’ determination to struggle and win on the court. TAG Heuer has always been keen to pay attention to and support sports. The brilliant performance of the athletes on the field is exactly the interpretation of the TAG Heuer brand’s ‘no fear under pressure’ brand characteristics.

Speech by CBA Commercial General Manager

Star Rui selection activity introduction

  ‘The growth of new students requires a stress-resistant process.’ In the new season of the CBA, for the first time, the ‘sharp’ logo was added to the rookie’s jersey. In the selection system, the last 24 hours of new online voting, TAG Heuer’s whistle time of ‘no fear under pressure’. During this time, each vote doubled and will be doubled in the total number of votes. Among the four monthly best players in the regular season, One person will be awarded the Starbucks Player of the Year in the CBA League Tag Heuer, which is also a new selection award this season.

Tag Heuer spokesperson Li Yifeng wore a Carrera chronograph to attend the event

  TAG Heuer’s spokesperson Mr. Li Yifeng wore the TAG Heuer Carrera Series 01 chronograph to attend the event. Li Yifeng perfectly interpreted that the TAG Heuer Carrera series watches can be worn on any occasion, whether it is a formal or sports chronograph. It can be perfectly presented on the wrist, showing a young, dynamic and new fashion style.

Tag Heuer Mini Challenge

Tag Heuer Mini Challenge

Tag Heuer Mini Challenge

Tag Heuer Mini Challenge

  Li Yifeng and CBA star sharp player Zhao Rui, Peking University men’s basketball team Zhang Ning and 9-year-old Chai Zihan players jointly challenged the Mini Tag Heuer Challenge. After 2 minutes and 25 seconds, the four ended the challenge through cooperation and successfully obtained Tiger Heuer’s gift of CBA. An overseas training opportunity for the league.

TAG Heuer presents CBA League overseas training opportunities

  The new force is the future of CBA and the future of Chinese basketball. Let us and Tag Heuer look forward to the exciting moments of CBA League players showing ‘no fear under pressure’ on the field.

Van Cleef & Arpels Time Praise Charms Series Watch

Time praises the Charms watch

 VAN CLEEF & ARPELS has written countless magnificent and innovative legends since 1906. The family’s tireless pursuit of beauty has created a number of classic evergreen designs, reflecting the spirit of innovation and playfulness of VAN CLEEF & ARPELS. At the same time, it presents ‘lucky’, one of the eternal sources of inspiration of the family Gorgeous praise. ‘Lucky’ is a treasured theme of the family. Over the years, it has quietly guided the family and inspired a number of unique designs. Evergreen lucky symbols such as the four-leaf pattern and fantasy little fairy are treasures handed down from generation to generation.

 VAN CLEEF & ARPELS is the most cherished early lucky jewellery. It is a lucky charm bracelet in 1937. Such delicate and exquisite jewellery is specially designed to retain every precious moment in life and to sing odes to beautiful memories. In 2008, Lucky Jewelry became a magnificent and elegant new series, which has long forgotten the tradition of lucky family. Under the name ‘Charms’, the series launches a number of exquisite and charming watches, detailing every precious and lucky moment in life, and at the same time acclaiming the long history, exquisite craftsmanship and rich creativity of the family.



 Charms watches rotate every second, day and night, making them the perfect companion for all occasions. The magnificent design of the watch witnesses the family’s professional watchmaking technology and accomplishments, the case curves are magnificent, and the dial’s radial pattern is complex and detailed. The bezel is the embodiment of the family’s extraordinary craftsmanship. In the middle of the two rows of hand-set diamonds, it is decorated with bright polished gold bands. The VAN CLEEF & ARPELS logo engraved on the outside of the bezel reveals the innovative spirit of the family and embellishes the wearer’s slim and delicate hands.

 The Charms watch inherits the design features of VAN CLEEF & ARPELS: it is more beautiful after wearing. The small ring at the end of the case is tied with a diamond lucky charm, which is naughty and graceful, adding a lively look to the gorgeous design. The lucky charm can be freely rotated around the dial, or it can stay at a specific position to mark the lucky moment or precious time. Both fun and meaning are emphasized, and everyone is reminded to cherish time and life.

 Charms watches are designed to match the changing lifestyles of modern women. The series is available in a variety of different styles, ranging from slim 32 mm to eye-catching 38 mm. The most distinctive style is the Charms Mini watch, which is only 25 mm in diameter. The design is as delicate and noble as other styles. The dial It is even more compact.

 Charms watches are stylish and changeable. Watches with rose or white gold straps are more elegant and gorgeous. There are also a variety of interchangeable straps in the series, with a variety of materials and colors to choose from, such as the rare alligator leather strap with rainbow-like colors, including charming pink, rich green and purple Wait. Black and blue silk straps are the best choice for gorgeous evening wear. The design of VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Van Cleef & Arpels brings endless luck to the wearer, making every minute and every second precious.

Introduction To Jaeger-lecoultre Master Memovox Alarm Watch

In the 1950s, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a very representative movement in the history of its brand watchmaking, this is the famous 815 automatic winding movement, with a unique alarm function The 815 movement has won the favor of many business people. An interesting statement is that when the 815 movement was launched, the parking meter began to be popularized in European countries. Therefore, in the alarm clocks launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre at that time, the parking sign ‘ld’; P & rdquo; was used instead. The alarm pointer and the timepiece with the ringtone indicate the time.
The 815 movement has a profound impact on Jaeger-LeCoultre, so that its improved products are still in production today (Master Grand R & eacute; veil and Memovox Deep Sea in the Master control round watch are examples of the success of the 815 movement ), And the 956 movement in this new Master Memovox alarm watch is also based on the 815 movement. The 956 movement has a wobble frequency of 28800 times / hour and a power reserve of 45 hours. Its ceramic bearing is equipped with a cardless balance spring system, which can maintain normal operation without the use of lubricants. The improved gear can also ensure that Smoothness of the movement.
In the eyes of many watch collectors and critics, the traditional field of watch manufacturing can develop to this day from its artistic and heritage value as a luxury industry. This assertion is naturally beyond reproach, but what I want to say is that among these, the practical significance of traditional watch products in today and today cannot be ignored. That’s not just a simple cultural phenomenon, but also a spirit that brings together humanistic qualities. The model of this watch is Q1412430, 18K rose gold case, silver-plated dial, case diameter 40 mm, waterproof depth 50 meters, alarm dial hand can point to the alarm time, only for limited sale.

Cool Sensation Three Black Watches Recommended

Black has become an irresistible trend in the watch industry, because no color can match the shocking beauty brought by all black. Once this temperament is applied to the watch, each one has a huge lethality, quiet and cold, where the light is quietly placed. Today, Watch House recommends three black watches for everyone.

Rolex Submariner 116610LN-97200 Black Dial Watch

Watch Series: Submariner
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Strap material: 904L stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: 65900
Watch details: 1950 series PAM00438 watch

Watch series: LUMINOR 1950 series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Ceramic
Strap Material: Ceramic
Case diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 101600
Watch details: The dull, low-key style of the Gun series caters to the prevailing trend of black matte. From the Miramar watch and Miramar chronograph, which are new members of top Gun, you can observe that these two Miramar adopt a gray-black matte zirconia ceramic case with a charcoal gray dial, showing the top Gun in another low-key attitude. The calm temperament of the series.

Summary: Black is always a fashion darling. Men, women, and children can be perfectly matched. The only thing that can be compared to it is that there is only one color, which is white, but black is slightly better. If you don’t know what color is right for you, then choosing a black watch is the best choice.

Classic Watches Two Rolex Classic Watches Beijing Quotes

There are too many classic Rolex models. This may be related to the small changes in the design of the Rolex watch itself. Most of the time, it is a technological upgrade and reform, so it also caused Rolex is basically a classic effect, today the watch home will bring you two classic Rolex Beijing market.

Rolex Submariner Calendar 116613LB Blue Dial

In-store public price: 105,000 (collection time November 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Submariner
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K yellow gold-stainless steel
Strap Material: 18K Yellow Gold-Stainless Steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch details: Made of scratched special ceramic, this watch is made of 18K yellow gold and stainless steel with a blue dial design, which is more attractive than a pure stainless steel watch.

Rolex Day-Date II Series 218235-83215


In-store public price: 346100 (collected in November 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Day of the Week II
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap Material: 18K Rose Gold
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch details: II is a symbol of nobility and purity. Its oyster case is made only in 950 platinum or 18K gold. This watch introduced today is made of 18K rose gold. To maintain the beauty of the watch, Rolex created 18K eternal rose gold in its foundry and patented this pink alloy. Since its introduction in 2005, 18K eternal rose gold has been used to make all Rolex Oyster watches in pink gold. The bezel uses the classic triangular pit design of Rolex, which is highly recognizable.
Summary: Rolex has always been committed to maximizing the practicality of watches. Rolex watches are also recognized as the most accurate mechanical watches, and one of the most durable watches recognized. Rolex watches have a strong price in the second-hand market. There are only two or three brands that can be compared to it, so these factors have also made Rolex’s once and for all statement.

Please consult your dealer for more details:
Availability: Yes
Distributor Name: Hengli World Watch Center Co., Ltd.
Dealer Address: Rolex Store, Xidan Shopping Center, 120 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Dealer Phone: 010-66011216

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