Not Only Tough Guys Can Control Panerai Luminor Due To Break The Deadlock

Since the birth of Panerai in 1860, it has never been separated from the word ‘big’, large case, large dial, large strap, large bridge … even though many like Peifan People, however, have to stay away because of its exaggerated design. Some people have complained that Panerai’s style is too sporty, even if they love it, they can’t be perfectly integrated into formal clothes. It is true that Panerai’s previous four series are all heavy. For those who prefer thinner models, there is not much room for choice. Perhaps due to this consideration, Panerai launched in May this year. With an unprecedented new series-Luminor Due, this series broke the deadlock of Panerai’s ‘thin-thin watch’, and since then, formalwear people can also control Panerai.

 In this article, the editor will introduce a new Luminor Due series watch, the official model: PAM00675.

Panerai Luminor Due Model: PAM00675
Luminor Due ‘A New Territory’
 All along, Panerai has maintained four classic series: Radiomir, Radiomir 1940, Luminor, Luminor 1950. These major series have basically maintained the original essence of Panerai. Details reveal military style and Marine culture. The shape of the new Luminor Due is based on the previous Luminor 1950 case, including a pillow case, large dial, integrated lugs, and a crown bridge. While continuing the classic design, Luminor Due has also been changed. The lines of the watch are simpler, thinner, lighter, and more stylish. It is a versatile watch for formal, sports and leisure occasions. .

Internal P.4000 movement

PAM00674 (left) / PAM00675 (right)
 Panerai has released four Luminor Due watches this year, including two PAM00676 (stainless steel) and PAM00677 (red gold) with P.1000 movements, and two PAM00674 (with P.4000 movements) Stainless steel) and PAM00675 (red gold). This article introduces the red gold PAM00675 with P.4000 self-winding movement. Compared with PAM00674, this watch is more luxurious and noble, and it is more elegant to wear on the wrist. It is more suitable for formal occasions. On the contrary, 674 Is more introverted.
Fine Product PAM00675

Crown bridge
 After touching the real thing, I found that the new Luminor Due watch is indeed a lot lighter and thinner than the previous models. It has no sense of weight at all, even on girls’ wrists. I still remember that at the new product preview scene, some people said: After waiting so long, Panerai finally has a thin section. Yes, Panerai is here to grab the wallet this time. Luminor Due has not lost the elements that Panerai should have, but has become more fashionable and temperament. Who can say that it is not in the market?

Red gold case

Case edges and lugs
 From the picture we can see that the Luminor Due case has become thinner and more lined, and the edges and corners are clearer, especially the lug part has become thinner and integrally cast with the case. According to official data, the new series models have a thickness reduction of nearly 40% compared to similar Luminor 1950 models. The diameter of the watch is also 45mm, but the thickness is only 10.7mm.

Carbon black dial

Luminous coating on hands and hour markers

 The dial still adopts a sandwich structure, with stick-shaped hour markers and digital displays, all covered with a luminous display coating, and a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, which is simple in style and perfectly interprets Panerai’s style. But at the same time, the dial has also been completely new design, decorated with solar radiation pattern, compared to earlier models, more stylish and elegant, elegant temperament self-evident, this is very rare in Panerai watches, this It also explains that Luminor Due has opened a new fashion model for Panerai.

Black leather strap

Red gold pin buckle
 People who have seen the actual Panerai watch may have the same feeling. The feel and comfort of the strap are not comparable to many brands. This 675 is equipped with a pure black leather strap with natural texture and wear. Comfortable; it is also equipped with a red gold pin buckle with ‘PANERAI’ on the outside.

P.4000 self-winding mechanical movement
 Finally, let’s talk about the movement. The PAM00675 watch is equipped with a skeletonized P.4000 / 10 self-winding mechanical movement, which is more exquisite and more durable than P.4000. The 22ct. Studded in Paris, the bridge is embellished with a circular matte finish and gold-plated engraving. The most distinctive feature of this movement is the eccentric oscillating weight with two-way winding, which provides power for two hairspring barrels with long power reserve. The balance plate provides double support, which is more stable than a single cantilever balance machine plate. The core provides a power reserve of up to 3 days for the watch.
Summary: Luminor Due officially broke Panerai’s rude impression left over the years and opened up a ‘new territory’ with a new design. Since then, it is not only tough men who can navigate Panerai. Shirts, suits and tuxedos also have new partners. An elegant gentleman can wear it without fear to step into the door of the reception. This watch is currently available in China, with a reference price of RMB 181,000.

Classic Cast Glory Tasting Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Stainless Steel Watch

The classics of watch models are an important supporting force for a watchmaking brand to develop better. They are not outdated at any time, they always remain fresh and active, and they continue to affect generations. New masterpiece. This is the case of the famous Swiss watch brand Tudor, which continues to inherit exquisite traditional craftsmanship and combines with the characteristics of the times to create many impressive wristwatches. 2017 is the 60th anniversary of the Tudor Dive Watch. The brand once again injected fresh blood into this popular series, and launched this Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan stainless steel watch at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair to commemorate this special moment. The shape of all stainless steel is sunny and sporty. The built-in MT5612 movement independently developed by Tudor makes the performance of the new product improved. Let’s take a look at this excellent timepiece: (watch model: 79730)

Combination of traditional aesthetic features with contemporary watchmaking technology

   The unique creation process (reinterpretation of the brand classic, eclectic, free play) is the main feature of Tudor Kai Cheng series. In 2010, the brand launched the TUDOR Heritage Chrono, a reinterpretation of the first TUDOR chronograph watch introduced in 1970. Since then, some of the most important masterpieces in the brand’s history have been reborn in the Kai Cheng collection with a new attitude. However, it is not simply a classic replica of a classic watch, but a fusion of traditional aesthetic features with contemporary watchmaking craftsmanship, injecting fresh vitality into the classic design.
Watch real shot display

   This watch is made of 41 mm stainless steel, and after the careful treatment of brushing, polishing and sanding, it presents an excellent look and enjoyment. In addition, most of the brushing is helpful to reduce the impact of accidental scratches on the overall appearance of the watch.
Single red word mark

   Like the Rolex’s new sea ambassador in 2017, the black timepiece dial also has a striking red inscription marked the deepest waterproof depth. This feature is inherited from some of the 7923 models launched by the brand in 1955, showing the glory of the Tudor classic diving watch .

   The eye-catching winding crown is derived from the ‘Big Crown’ model (model 7924) introduced by Tudor in 1958. It is a Tudor watch with a water resistance of 200 meters, showing the unique design beauty of classic models. The stainless steel crown is designed with a non-slip texture to ensure the smooth operation of the watch.

   On the black dial, the distinctive large ‘snowflake’ hands and the minute and second hands of different shapes contrast with each other, combined with the brand diving hour markers, making the time indication more clear and intuitive. Different-shaped hour markers and different-shaped central hands are covered with luminous parts, which can clearly and intuitively show the accurate time at the moment, even in a dark environment, which is convenient and reliable.
Self-branded core

   The dense bottom technology makes the movement inside the watch more secure and guarantees the smooth operation of various performances. The MT5612 Tudor movement on the watch is a derivative of Tudor’s first home-made movement launched in 2015, with a power reserve of up to 70 hours. The frequency of the movement is adjusted by the inertia fine-tuned silicon balance spring, and fixed by the horizontal splint, which makes the movement function more reliable. In addition, the watch has been awarded the Swiss Observatory certification by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC) to guarantee the watch’s excellent quality.

   In addition, the watch also has a highlight on the bracelet, which uses a solid ‘riveted’ stainless steel bracelet with a stepped structure, which effectively enhances its durability and reliability. The new timepiece is available with two straps, one is a solid stainless steel bracelet, and the other is a steel discount black antique belt. And both models come with an additional khaki green textured strap, which can be worn by the wearer according to his preference.

Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan stainless steel watch
Summary: Combining the outstanding design of many classic watches, this simple but simple Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan stainless steel watch is also a good choice on the wrist. Although this watch is currently on the market, it is also a bit hard to find. If you like it, watch it.

Radar Launches New True Series Liu Ruoying Special Limited Edition Watch

To celebrate the global cooperation with the talented brand ambassador Ms. Liu Ruoying, RADO has specially released the RADO True Real Series Liu Ruoying special numbered limited edition watch.

The real series of watches created by RADO has an attractive charm at first sight, thus becoming the best interpretation of the cooperation between Rado and Liu Ruoying. A masterpiece that combines many design highlights in appearance, this watch has a dynamic round dial, curved sapphire crystal and a strap with an arc-shaped buckle. These elements blend into an unparalleled sense of pleasure. Swiss Rado True Liu Liuying special numbered limited edition watch is entirely made of high-tech ceramics, and specially selected Miss Liu Ruoying’s favorite white. The dial is contrasted with red, which reflects Miss Liu Ruoying’s determined, aggressive and uncompromising breakthrough attitude. It is also the perfect interpretation of RADO Unlimited Spirit.

ADORADO Swiss Radar Real Series Liu Ruoying Special Number Limited Edition watch directly uses the luminous material on the dial to give vitality and life to the scales and hands. At the same time, through the specially equipped 3 chronograph laps, and the date window design at the 4 o’clock position, it shows the personality while accurately timing. As the embodiment of extreme detail, the round buttons also echo the integrity of this watch. The entire watch is comfortable to wear, attractive and beautiful.

The RADO True Series Liu Ruoying special numbered limited edition watch, each watch is engraved with a unique number on the back of the case. In addition, each numbered watch will be accompanied by a special certificate signed by Ms. Liu Ruoying, the global brand spokesperson for Swiss Rado.

Gossamer Clock And Watch’s Internal Power

Hairspring is the core of the operation of mechanical timepieces. Before the hairspring was invented, mechanical clocks rely on the pendulum as an oscillator to achieve energy division and travel time. In the 17th century, the hairspring invented by Huygens significantly reduced the size of the clock. Today, the hairspring we often talk about refers to the balance spring (Balance Spring or Hair Spring) on ​​the balance wheel, although the spring (Barrel Spring) is also a type of spring (Spring). The appearance of the hairspring is the basis for the emergence of pocket watches and wristwatches and the end of the glorious era of pendulum clocks.

Pocket watch balance spring
 The hairspring follows the physical law of the swing period. In clocks, the frequency of the hairspring balance system is related to the moment of inertia of the balance spring. As a precision mechanical structure, the material, effective length, thickness, and width of the hairspring are essential to the entire system. influences. Because of this, when mechanical clocks continue to develop today, hairsprings are still the highest threshold for measuring the technological strength of various watch factories, and there are very few watch factories in the world that can independently develop and produce hairsprings.

Watch hairspring
 From the early iron-based alloy hairspring materials, to later INVAR iron alloy hairsprings doped with nickel, to today’s mainstream Nivarox hairsprings, for hundreds of years, the hairspring materials have continued to evolve with the development of material science, and the watch industry has also continued to explore More perfect hairspring material. What makes it perfect? As a clock often needs to run for years or even decades without interruption, the number of oscillations of the hairspring reaches a very alarming number. ), So only a handful of metal alloys can be used to make hairsprings. In addition, the hairspring must be able to resist the influence of some external environments in daily life. The early effects mainly came from temperature differences. After that, antimagnetic became more and more important. Invar alloy invented by Charles Edouard Guillaume, Nobel Prize winner at the beginning of the 20th century. It solves this problem and has a certain antimagnetic property.

German Moritz Grossmann watch uses Nivarox 1 hairspring
 In 1931, Nivarox hairspring, a nickel-chromium steel alloy developed by Dr. Straumann, came out. It consists of seven elements. This weakly magnetic metal alloy has good oxidation and deformation resistance, anti-fracture, automatic compensation, no corrosion, and has good Thermal deformation coefficient, that is, it has good resistance to temperature difference. Because of this, Nivarox is widely used in the watch industry and has replaced the INVAR alloy hairspring as the mainstream in the market. Today, in the entire watchmaking industry, Nivarox has become the first choice for non-produced balance spring factories, and has become an ace in the hands of the Swatch Group. Over 95% of Swiss watch brands and some non-Swiss brands are using Nivarox FAR. Gossamer. As mentioned earlier, the hairspring is a product with technical barriers. A watch factory with the strength of self-made hairsprings is generally not a foreign supplier, so Nivarox has become the overlord in the field of general hairsprings. Although in addition to Nivarox, there are still other hairspring manufacturers such as Altokapa, Japan’s Seiko, Citizen, etc., but the reason why Nivarox dominates the hairspring industry is its high cost performance.

NOMOS Homemade Blue Steel Gossamer
 Of course, Nivarox FAR produces other hairsprings in addition to Nivarox hairsprings of different specifications, such as the Elinvar nickel-chromium constant elastic steel hairspring used by Richard Mill, Anachron hairspring better than Nivarox, and special hairsprings customized for other companies. Wait.
Silicon hairspring
 In recent years, silicon hairsprings have been popularized in fine watchmaking, and the Swatch Group has begun to try to enter the low-end market. This is a new exploration of hairspring materials in modern watchmaking. From metal alloys to non-metallic materials, it is likely to be a metamorphosis. Regardless of who invented the silicon hairspring, for the moment, from top brands Patek Philippe, Breguet, Athens, etc., to our familiar Omega, and the people such as Mido, all have launched silicon-based hairsprings.

Patek Philippe Spiromax
 Patek Philippe’s cutting-edge research project is based on silicon and plays the trilogy of silicon escapements, including the Pulsomax escapement fork, the Silinvar escape wheel and the Spiromax spring. Rolex released the Syloxi hairspring based on silicon material in 2014 for 2236 automatic movement. It is worth noting that this is a female watch movement. Rolex successfully developed an excellent silicon hairspring, but it has not been popularized. The watch is precisely because silicon material has its inherent defects, Rolex believes that it is still not the most satisfactory hairspring material. Brands such as Athens, Omega, Breguet, Jacques Droe, Blancpain, etc. use silicon hairsprings relatively frequently. Silicon hairsprings have a huge advantage over metal hairsprings. They are completely unaffected by magnetic fields, but the biggest drawback is that they are too brittle.

Rolex Syloxi hairspring
 In the past few years, discussions about silicon hairsprings are very frequent. The advantage is that the performance is better than metal alloy hairsprings. The disadvantage is that damage can only be replaced, which is not conducive to long-term development. If this watch is still 30 years later, but the corresponding parts may not be able to match at this time, it is impossible to repair, and it is even difficult to match a suitable metal hairspring. However, from the perspective of the market as a whole, most of the watches only exist in the present, and can really stay that long, after all, there are still a few, so the advantages may outweigh the disadvantages in general.

Mido Silicone Caliber 80 Belem
 Mido this year launched the Belem Celli series of 80-hour power reserve watches, using silicon hairspring, this should be the first silicon-spring watch in the current affordable price. This means that the silicon hairspring will no longer be high, and it will likely become popular later. Just as the Swatch Group pressed its competitiveness on the 80-hour long power movement, it once again expanded its absolute advantage in the low-end market. .
Autonomous hairspring
 When it comes to autonomous hairsprings, who do we most easily think of? I will first think of Rolex’s Parachrom paramagnetic blue niobium hairspring. According to official information, it is stronger than ordinary hairsprings in terms of shock resistance, antimagnetic and so on. It is also the current mainspring of Rolex. Parachrom hairspring plays an important role in the accurate movement of Rolex, the excellent performance in actual use, and the long life of the watch.

Rolex Parachrom hairspring
 Seiko and the Materials Science Laboratory of Tohoku University have developed the Spron elastic material for the mainspring and hairspring of Seiko watches. Spron has a variety of specifications, of which the mainspring is mainly used for the Spron 510, Spron 530 (high frequency movement), etc., while the spring is used for Spron 610, and so on. Spron is a nickel-cobalt alloy with five characteristics of high strength, super elasticity, corrosion resistance, magnetic resistance and temperature difference resistance. It is widely used in Seiko and some Japanese watches.

Seiko movement
 In addition, there are some brands that are developing their own hairspring materials, and there are also some lesser-known hairspring materials such as Richard Mille’s AK 3 hairspring.
Gossamer structure

Winding hairspring on end
 The difference of the hairspring material essentially lays down the performance of the hairspring, but still requires some additional processing to make the performance of the hairspring better. Most of the time, the hairspring we see is flat, with a winding curve on the end. Generally speaking, this type of end winding is a Breguet-type end winding (or Phillips end curve). The appearance of this curve is because the end of the hairspring is fixed on the hairspring pile, which affects the concentricity of the hairspring expansion and consequently affects the travel time. Therefore, this part of the end is ‘truncated’ by the way of the curve to reduce this effect.

The end of the hairspring is thickened and the inner triangle frame

Breguet Double Hairspring

Montblanc column hairspring

Jaeger-LeCoultre domed hairspring
 In addition, there are many types of hairsprings. Here are a few examples, and then I have time to explain them one by one.

Elegant Blooming From The Wrist, Three Women’s Watches Recommended

When women choose a watch, they rarely pay attention to its functions. Most of them fancy the most direct appearance, and the price / performance ratio is not important, as long as it is beautiful. Today, the Watch House has specially organized three women’s watches, and the beautiful watches are even more feminine.
Omega Constellation Series

Product model:
Domestic public price: 86000
Watch diameter: 27 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 8520
Case material: Stainless steel-red gold two-tone diamond case
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: Carat
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: lecoultre / 24176 /
Watch Reviews: The Date Collection Day and Night Women’s Watch is a fascinating work by Jaeger-LeCoultre for women. The essence of its design coincides with the purity of love. The exquisite white dial is carefully crafted by professional craftsmen. The blue-steel flower-shaped hands cleverly jump in the center. The delicate digital scale is clear at a glance, which shows the ultimate pure love ideal. There is a day and night display window at 6 o’clock, as if a lingering couple is always accompanied. The bezel is set with diamonds, which interprets the unique elegance of women.

In summary: these three watches can meet the requirements of beauty from the appearance, as an embellishment and can set off women’s temperament, and for which occasions to wear. I wonder if it touched you?

Interpreting The Charm Of The Wrist, Restore The Dad’s True Color

Father’s love is like mountains, deep and restrained; father’s love is like heaven, rough and far-reaching. There are tens of thousands of manifestations of fatherly love. What remains unchanged is the subtle and deep affection and care for children. Today, a new generation of young trendy dads are coming. They are warm and optimistic, fashionable, and busy working but not forgetting to live a wonderful style. On the arrival of Father’s Day in 2015, RADO presents the DiaMaster series of big seconds Watches, a gift for Father’s Day, and a new generation of fathers.

   The new RADO DiaMaster large master seconds watch, using a one-piece plasma high-tech ceramic case, has the advantages of not easy to wear, comfortable and lightweight and hypoallergenic. The large-scale open dial that breaks through the tradition and the creative design that resembles the number 8 shows the unique personality and taste of the father of the new generation, showing self-confidence.

Extraordinary Material
  Plasma high-tech ceramics contain technology and show fashion. Although no metal elements are used, they can still shine a warm gray metallic luster. This time, it is perfectly applied to the case of the DiaMaster large seconds watch. It is cleverly matched with brown. The leather strap exudes a steady, retro radiance that meets the needs of every new-generation father.

  The RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series of large seconds watches is resolute but elegant, simple yet exquisite. It can be paired with business suits or can easily set off weekend casual wear. Retro leather straps make the new generation of trendy dads to switch between different occasions and stand out from the crowd. Born to be eye-catching, in June, the DiaMaster series of large seconds watch thanked his father for his love and became a perfect companion for the father of the new generation.

Superb Craftsmanship Recommended Four Tourbillon Watches

Tourbillon refers to a mechanical watch equipped with a ‘rotary escapement speed-regulating mechanism’. The tourbillon mechanism is used to correct the errors caused by the gravity of the clock. The tourbillon watch represents the highest level in the manufacturing process of mechanical watches. The entire escapement speed regulating mechanism is combined and can rotate, and continuously rotates at a certain speed, making it make the gravity attract the ‘escape system’ in the mechanical watch. To minimize the impact and improve travel time accuracy. Due to its unique operation mode, the dynamic artistic beauty of clocks has been brought to the peak and has always been known as the ‘king of watches’.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 26288Of.OO.D002CR.01 Watch

 Movement type: manual mechanical
 Gender: Men
 Case material: 18K rose gold-black ceramic
 Strap material: crocodile leather
 Domestic public price: ¥ 353,000
 Watch details: Brief review: Manual winding tourbillon chronograph with 18K rose gold case, forged carbon bezel, ceramic crown and buttons, rose gold sapphire case back and 18K rose gold AP folding buckle. Water-resistant to 20 meters.

Zenith Tourbillon Watch 03.2050.4035 / 21.C630 Wrist

 Movement Type: Automatic
 Gender: Men
 Case material: Stainless steel
 Strap material: crocodile leather
 Domestic public price: ¥ 390,600
 Details of the watch: Brief comment: 44mm diameter tourbillon chronograph with self-winding movement. The tourbillon frame features a unique patent date display heavy metal pendant decorated with ‘Côtes de Genève’ pattern. The frame is located at 11 o’clock, the frame runs every minute, and the small second hand is placed on the tourbillon frame.

Tourbillon Portuguese Tourbillon Hand-Wound Collection IW544602

 Movement type: manual mechanical
 Gender: Men
 Case material: 18K rose gold
 Strap material: crocodile leather
 Domestic public price: ¥ 430,000
 Watch details: Brief comment: The Portuguese three-hand and one-line tourbillon watch combines the research and development achievements of two watch industries to achieve the desired accuracy. In the days when pocket watches were prevalent, tourbillons were used to offset positional errors, but today this most beautiful and complex installation is a commemoration of superb watchmaking art. The non-traditional three-needle, one-line pointer arrangement is a memory of the era of precision mechanical timepieces at observatories and watchmaking companies. If it is assembled in the normal position, the hour hand is too long to cover the small dial of the second hand, so it is equipped with its own small chronograph ring, and the glorious position of the main dial is given to the minute hand. The white gold model has a dark blue ‘ardoise’ dial, while the platinum and 18K rose gold models have a silver-plated dial. The dial is a completely new ‘classic’ design. 98 98845 special edition pocket watch movement, running at 28800 rpm, you can admire this exquisite movement through the transparent sapphire glass case back.

Seagull Tourbillon Gold Watch ST8083GK

 Movement type: manual mechanical
 Gender: Men
 Case material: 18K rose gold
 Strap material: crocodile leather
 Domestic public price: 280,000
 Details of the models: brief comment: center hour and minute hands indication; 2 o’clock calendar, moon phase indication; 9 o’clock eccentric, 6 o’clock coaxial tourbillon; manual winding. Seagull’s ‘double tourbillon’ mechanical watch adopts coaxial and eccentric ‘tourbillon’ design, and uses patented differential structure to connect two sets of ‘tourbillon’, making the two sets of ‘tourbillon’ independent The operation can complement the resonance, improve the travel time accuracy, and also achieve new leaps in process aesthetics. It should be noted that the Moon-phase function is usually a dark blue disc in the dial of the movement, which is driven by the gear system and is used to display the moon’s 29 and 1 / 2-day revolution cycle. Behind such a simple description is the meshing linkage of many precision gears, which is difficult to describe in words.

In summary: ordinary mechanical watches, because the balance spring in the escapement system will be affected by tightness and metal fatigue, and the law of balance wheel swing will also be affected by gravity, so the error is large. The tourbillon escapement speed regulation device plays a considerable role in overcoming the above-mentioned series of effects. Although today’s watches are facing more position changes and the ability to adjust the accuracy of the tourbillon is weakened, the tourbillon is still a top watchmaking technology and is sought after by most watch fans who love mechanical watchmaking.

Collection Of Antique Watches: Nostalgia And Investment In Parallel

Probably from 1985, celebrities in the upper classes of the United States suddenly wore old watches before the Second World War and became fashionable. Financiers in Manhattan prefer to wear Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin made in the 1940s. This trend was very nostalgic from the beginning, and soon it blew from the United States to Geneva, Paris, London … until Hong Kong, China and the mainland, forming an antique watch collection fever. The world’s earliest mechanical clock came out in Italy in 1335, and the first truly wearable watch was invented in Switzerland in 1587, until the first complete mechanical watch was born in 1902. Clocks started out as luxury items that only the royal and nobles could wear, and later became popular with the middle class.
    Today’s antique watches mainly refer to pocket watches and old watches made of metal machinery, mostly clocks produced before the end of the 18th century to the 1950s.
     Watch auction has always been an important category of international auction houses. The three major watch auction houses in the world are Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Antigoron. Among them, Antigoron in Geneva is recognized as the first in the industry for its professionalism. According to industry insiders, the number of lotteries sold by Antiguru is not large every year, but each auction will always collect rare antique watch varieties, and can attract the attention of the world’s top collectors.
    Osvaldo Patrizzi, President of Antigoron, proudly introduced to the media: When the antique watch auction was first started, only a few hundred people around the world were interested. After more than 20 years, this group has expanded to more than one million.
    Compared with the leader Ante Gullen, Christie’s and Sotheby’s are well-known for their comprehensive sales. Their special auctions include antique clocks, but also fashion brands, as well as clocks designed with the concept of luxury goods. Among them, the auction results of antique watches are very impressive. In 1999, the Sotheby’s Antique Watch in New York was special. A Patek Philippe gold watch from 1933 was sold for 11 million US dollars, which broke the record price of world famous watches at that time.
    Watch auctions in the Hong Kong market began in the 1990s. They were first put together with jewellery. Although Hong Kong started late, its development is impressive. In 1997, Sotheby’s co-ordinated the first Asian independent watch auction in Hong Kong, with more than 250 lots sold for a total of HK $ 10 million. Fourteen years later, in the 2011 Sotheby’s Hong Kong Autumn Auction, the turnover of more than 400 watches reached HK $ 112 million. In other words, the turnover from 10 million to 112 million took only ten years.
    Watch auctions in mainland China have been available since 2000. Shanghai Changjiang International Auction Co., Ltd. launched watch auctions in 2002. At the end of 2004, China Guardian took the lead in launching watch specials. Later, major auction houses such as Poly and Kuangshi began regular watch auctions. meeting.
Patek Philippe Antique Watch
    ‘There are not many antique watch collections in China. Objectively speaking, I collect antique watches on the one hand because I like them and on the other hand they invest.’ Zhang Hengrui, a collector who specializes in antique pocket watches, introduced this to reporters.
    In Zhang Hengrui’s view, the new watch has no investment value. For example, top brands such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Lange are now very large in output. Although it is done well, if you look at the parts, the craftsmanship and materials cannot be compared with antique watches. First, the movement is vastly different. Lange’s antique pocket watches are all hand-carved. For example, sesame chain pocket watches from 1780 to 18-18 years, the sesame chain has been shrunk to be as thin as hair. Even if the mechanical level is very high, it is difficult to assemble it again. Today, Lange’s sesame chain watches cost millions, but the craftsmanship is far less than antique watches.
    Zhang Hengrui told reporters that in the 1980s and 1990s, Chinese people bought watches for wearing, and they didn’t have a high awareness of watches. In the past 20 years, some world-renowned watches have successively set up specialty stores in big cities. In addition to advertising and media promotion, people have begun to use watches as a means of value preservation and investment. In this part of the crowd, 20-30% of people specialize in antique watches. People who really understand antique watches can be said to be people of the world. They have a deep understanding of Chinese and Western cultures, arts and concepts.
    In addition, antique watch purchase objects in the international market, in addition to private collectors, there are major watch manufacturers. In order to enrich their antique watch museum, world-famous manufacturers have specially dispatched administrative staff to compete for high-priced antique watches.
    In recent years, the rapid appreciation of antique clocks has been remarkable. Twenty years ago, an antique watch from Vacheron Constantin sold for only one to two thousand dollars, but now it costs more than five thousand dollars. Famous watches such as the Swiss Rolex imported in the 1940s were only a few hundred yuan at that time, and so far they have risen to ten thousand yuan and several hundred thousand yuan. Thirty years ago, a Swiss Ininger mechanical watch that cost only more than 200 yuan has now appreciated to thousands of yuan in the collection market. Even now, the first batch of products from many watch factories in China has become the object of collection. According to reports, the first batch of watch products from Shanghai Watch Factory has now been auctioned to more than 100,000 yuan.
Four points of collecting antique watches
First, whether the appearance is intact. First, pay attention to whether there are cracks in the appearance, whether the accessories are complete, and whether the travel time is accurate. Choose a strange and rare style, or inlaid with jewelry, painting and enamel. Second, whether the hands are assembled. Although there are many styles of clock hands, their design style and appearance should be consistent. For example, the moon shape, diamond shape, peach shape, etc., if you change the pointers of different sizes or styles together, you will …
First, whether the appearance is intact. First, pay attention to whether there are cracks in the appearance, whether the accessories are complete, and whether the travel time is accurate. Choose a strange and rare style, or inlaid with jewelry, painting and enamel.
Second, whether the hands are assembled. Although there are many styles of clock hands, their design style and appearance should be consistent. For example, the moon shape, diamond shape, peach shape, etc., if you change pointers of different sizes or styles together, it will be unnatural.
Third, whether the case is original. The bottom of the watch pot is usually marked with the name of the manufacturer. According to the identification of the text, you can determine whether the watch case is original. The materials used to make watch cases are diverse. On the case made of gold and silver, there are also metal stamps. Buyers should know before buying.
Fourth, whether the movement is original. Most watch movements have the manufacturer’s name engraved on the splint, and in early pocket watches, the name of the producer also appeared. On some watch movements, people can also see various numbers. Some of these numbers indicate the uniform specifications of the movement, and some indicate the year of production, which is very helpful for antique watch collection.

Simple And Elegant Master Series

The world-renowned Swiss TITONI plum watch celebrates the 90th birthday of the brand and the 50th anniversary of TITONI’s entry into the Chinese market at the Great Wall Commune in Beijing. On the same day, Mr. BlaiseGodet, the Swiss ambassador to China, came to congratulate and unveiled the special limited edition of the MasterSeries with the CEO of TITONI Daniel Slop.

简洁 The simple and elegant dial design of the watch is particularly impressive. The decorative pattern at the 6 o’clock position reflects the perfect fusion of history and modernity. Each special limited edition watch is equipped with a COSC certified movement of the Swiss Official Observatory Precision Chronometer Test Organization. Limited to 1919 pieces worldwide, each special edition watch case and special wooden box are individually numbered, which is precious.

Breitling Launches New Bentley Watch

If you don’t pay close attention, you may miss the new Breitling Bentley series released in Basel in 2009. Subtle changes to the dial make it even more stunning …..
Reference A44364-Stainless steel, leather strap
Reference A44364-Stainless steel, steel strap
Reference R44364-Rose gold, gum strap, limited to 675 pieces
Available in summer 2009
Reference A25362-Stainless steel, steel strap
Reference A25362-Stainless steel, leather strap
Available in summer 2009
Reference A25364-Stainless steel, rubber strap
Reference A25364-Stainless steel, steel strap
Listed in the summer of 2009