Portuguese Superb Complex Watch

IWC Portuguese Super Complex Watch
    Following the first collection of ultra-complex functions to create super-complex watches for the first time in 1990, IWC’s new generation of ultra-complex watches that have been sharpened for 20 years
    The 18th-century watchmaker ALBreguet once had a very interesting point: all watches and clocks that do not have a sound mechanism, even if complicated such as perpetual calendar, tourbillon, time equation, can only be called ‘Simple Watch’ Simple table). This theory sounds strange at first glance, but it also makes sense when you think about it: once the clock has a sound, it is another world of gloom and glory, and the flat visual art has since been transformed into a three-dimensional auditory category. Feelings, indeed, are not comparable to those of the ‘Simple Watch’, whose skills are only at the visual level.