Richard Mille Rm 036 Jean Todt Tourbillon Gravity Measuring Watch Limited Edition Sihh Watch Exhibition 2013

Richard Mille Watch Factory continuously draws inspiration from the automotive world, and applies the creative, research and development spirit of the automotive industry to watches and clocks, creating super-efficient machinery with excellent performance and continuous innovation. Device, every product launched can cause shock in the watch industry. Of course, Richard Mille is also enthusiastically participating in the car races. In addition to cooperating with well-known racers such as Felipe Massa and Jules Bianchi, he has also participated in international racing events such as the Le Mans Classic Car Race and the Pau Antique Car Race in the official designated time.

   In addition to speed breakthroughs and extreme craftsmanship, road safety is another important area related to automobiles. Richard Mille has always been very concerned about road safety, but he has never had a chance to play. This time, in order to support his many-year-old friend Jean Todt and the FIA ​​FIA Action ForRoad Safety event hosted by him, he specially developed a watch that can respond to road safety needs. Richard Mille’s watchmaking team and Jean Todt’s team work together to create a watch that can feel the physical stress on the human body during a rapid deceleration in order to promptly remind the driver and prevent them from driving danger . The RM 036 Jean Todt gravity measuring tourbillon was born.

   The appearance of RM 036 is the barrel body of the brand. At the request of Jean Todt, this outstanding watch has a circular contour and an ergonomic design. It is equipped with a RM036 tourbillon movement. The movement is made of grade 5 titanium and ARCAP alloy. The plate is Made of nano carbon fiber. The combination of these materials brings the best resistance and flatness to the movement. In addition, different parts on the movement are processed in different ways such as polishing, shot peening, and satin processing to create a beautiful pattern contrast, which maximizes the application of different materials. This self-winding movement features hour and minute displays and a small seconds dial, and adds an unprecedented complication: mechanical gravity measurement.

   The patented gravity measurement system was created exclusively for Richard Mille by the Renaud Papi movement factory, and operates on the principle of inertial translation. This device is directly installed on the board with strapdown device, which can measure and display the cumulative value of gravity G on the wearer’s wrist when the speed drops sharply. The gravity measuring device of RM 036 has more than 50 parts, but its size is only 17 mm, which is enough to withstand dozens of G decelerations. Its unparalleled degree of solidity is naturally nothing to say. Another feature of the RM 036 is the danger scale at 12 o’clock, which indicates by the pointer whether the current deceleration is not dangerous (green block) or dangerous to the driver (red block), and can be easily passed. The button at 9 o’clock returns to zero.

   RM 036 will reappear at the FIA ​​Awards in Istanbul on December 7. The sale of this one-of-a-kind watch will be donated by Jean Todt to fund two key projects that he values ​​highly: the ‘FIA Action For Road Safety’ campaign and the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute (ICM), which he co-founded.

Summary: The biggest feature of the watch is that it is equipped with a gravity measurement system, which can display the G value of the gravity that people are subjected to when the car is decelerating. Friends who like to drive can get one and remind themselves at any time that the watch is limited to 15 pieces. (Picture, text / watch home Mao Zhuang Chen Zhong)
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