Shining Chopard ‘happy 8’ Series Watch

On the lucky path, Chopard’s grains of treasures sparkle with the colors of happy times. The Happy Diamonds series explores the mystery of the number 8, and puts the series under the shining of lucky stars.

‘Happy 8’ series 18K white gold overall diamond watch, set with a movable diamond. Quartz movement.
Light and agile, childlike, bright and beautiful, the prestigious Happy Diamonds series dances with lucky beats, and moves lightly with the rhythm of the number 8. Throughout the history and culture of various countries, the number 8 is a sign of good fortune, a symbol of balance, completeness, and abundance, and a promise of eternal happiness.
中国 In China, the symbolic significance of the number 8 is particularly important: the number 8 considered a lucky number is the guardian of success. The Beijing Olympics began at 8: 8 pm on August 8, 2008! In the West as well, 8 is a number with strong symbolic meaning: the horizontally written 8 represents endlessness, and the closed lines represent endlessness.

Happy ‘Happy 8’ 18K white gold diamond watch with 1 active diamond. Quartz movement. Silk strap.
The perfect curve, abundance and strength of the number 8 became Chopin’s source of inspiration, which gave birth to this series: extremely pure lines and pure materials complement each other, and diamond and platinum are cleverly combined. These watches, pendants, rings, and earrings, as always, embody the essence of Happy Diamonds through the free play of diamonds, while the line of number 8 forms the style and beauty in the circle of interlaced circles. The arc of endless meaning has become a radiant embracing hug, lucky to follow …