Unusual Neutral Beauty Three Large Dial Watches Recommended

As a popular trend in recent years, neutral beauty has been sought after by many women. Today, I will use TVB’s TV series to introduce you to three large dial watches to help you create a unique neutral beauty.
A classic that combines circles and ovals-Piaget

 Piaget always surprises people. The Piaget Gouverneur series, which combines circles and ovals, is the crystallization of Piaget craftsmanship and history. The Gouverneur series is one of the Black Tie watch series. Complement each other. The Gouverneur series includes three mechanical movement models: automatic, chronograph and tourbillon, each in rose gold or white gold with diamonds.
 Due to its rounded shape, this watch is suitable for small and sweet girls. The round and elliptical dial stretches the girl’s soft and sweet temperament, adding a bit of fortitude, and the simple and pure dark leather strap So cute
A neutral classic-Chanel

 Chanel’s J12 has always occupied the top position in the watch industry with the highest appearance frequency and the most sought-after stars. It perfectly absorbs the advantages of both titanium and high-tech precision ceramics. In addition to being light and moist, it also has a unique gloss that combines the advantages of gems and metals. J12 embodies the values ​​promoted by the founder Coco Chanel: bold creativity, innovation, simplicity and purity, neutral temperament, and elegant style. From any angle, this watch is the continuation of the spirit of the Chanel brand, especially suitable for stubborn women.
Grand Dial Traveler-Grand Mercure Paris

 The Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS air traveller watch embodies the concept of flight everywhere. The watch scale adopts large font time characters, large dial design, convex time scale aperture plus accurate second seconds and other layout designs. Visibility makes it easy to read the time, and at the same time allows pilots to read the information accurately and in time in a tense flight state. The luminous pointer of the Grand Royal Paris MATZO PARIS’s royal lighthouse not only guarantees the visibility during the day, it can also be clearly read in the afterglow of the setting sun at night. The extra-long red warning second hand design has become the visual focus of the entire art form, making the slightly dimmed Roman numerals on the hollowed-out dial also alive. It perfectly matches the original corner button, giving the watch a retro feel, reflecting the perfect combination of tradition and development.
 Due to the large size of the dial, this watch is especially suitable for tough girls. Such a large dial on the slender wrist of a girl who manages it looks a bit abrupt, but it shows the special domineering of women, with a queen-like field.
 After reading the three large dial watches introduced by Xiaobian, ladies who love watches may wish to create their own neutral beauty.