Vienna Charming Style, German Extreme Spirit And Saxony Watchmaking Excellence Glashütte Original Opens A New Store In The Center Of Vienna

October 20, 2016, Cole Market, Vienna — Tonight, the first store of Glashütte Original celebrates its official opening in Austria. The German watchmaker also took the opportunity to launch a new model of its Senator Excellence watch, paying tribute to ‘excellent watchmaking’ and ‘superb art.’
   After visiting the store, the brand invited guests to a celebration venue on Michaelerplatz dedicated to the event. The highlight of this cultural night is a live performance by the Gustav Mahler Orchestra under the guidance of Alexei Kornienko, taking the audience on an intoxicating musical journey . As a result, Saxony’s watchmaking art and the charming charm of Vienna are perfect, and they compose a harmonious movement.

Gathering moments to appreciate superb and excellent watchmaking
   Numerous media representatives, brand friends and business partners gathered in Vienna to celebrate the opening of the Glashütte Original-this evening, the finest German watchmaking art is fully exhibited. At the scene, an experienced watchmaker and dial experts from the brand’s own dial factory in Pforzheim showed guests their exquisite craftsmanship.

Slightly buckle, go to a harmonious music journey
   Music and watchmaking-the two arts are inextricably linked. As a partner of the Dresden Music Festival for many years, Glashütte Original naturally chose music to end this evening.
   With Frauenkirche, Zwinger Palace or Semper Opera House and the skyline of Vienna, guests are completely immersed in Alexei Kornyenko and In the music of the Gustav Mahler Orchestra. In Mozart’s Divertimento D-Dur, Johann Strauss II’s Tik-Tak-Polka, Edward Strauss Accompanied by tracks such as Polka Bahn frei by E. Strauss and others, the audience embarked on a fascinating musical journey, during which the value of this Saxony watch factory Harmonious blend with the classical music heritage of Vienna. Finally, the ‘Saxony and Austria Night’ ended in an emotionally rich piece by P. Singer.

 Official new store debuts in the Austrian capital
   With the opening of a new store in Kohlmarkt (Address: Kohlmarkt 4), the watchmaking art of the German state of Saxony is officially settled in Austria. With 70 square meters of sales space, the store is located in one of the most exclusive shopping districts of Vienna, next to many landmarks.
   Modern and modern interiors, with elegant conveniences, sincerely welcome people into the world of Glashütte Original. An interactive ‘Wonder Wall’ uses an oversized magnifying glass to allow people to fully appreciate the internal operation mechanism and superb decoration of complex timepieces. There is a waiting area behind the store, which provides multimedia facilities, and visitors can communicate with each other or explore further in this spacious space. The elegant presentation of the current collection, combined with the unique ceiling decoration, showcases the design of the brand’s new self-calibration Calibre 37-viewers can have a comprehensive brand experience.

 New members of the ‘Excellent’ timepiece: large calendar and moon phase models
   Prior to the opening event of the party, the brand presented two new watches to the live media. The newly launched Senator Excellence Panorama Date and Senator Excellence Panorama Date Moon Phase members not only possess the tried and tested high quality of MPs’“ Excellent ”watches, but also in accuracy and running time. In terms of stability, stability and aesthetics, it has reached new heights and set new benchmarks.
   Both watches are made of elegant red gold or stainless steel with a case diameter of 40 mm; Glashütte Original Calibre 36 and the brand’s two unique features co-cast boutiques. The new movement combines grand design, flawless aesthetics, and rugged innovations designed for everyday use, such as over 100 hours of operation with extreme precision and extraordinary stability. A 24 day test is the guarantee of the above excellent quality; every Senator Excellence watch is tested by this test, and the test results will be provided to the owner of each watch in the form of a certificate.