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Pocket Watch: History Hanging Up

Pocket watches seem to have been far away from our generation, especially for people who have grown up in the age of many digital ideas. Those wearing the classic three-piece suit, wearing a top hat, and politely pulling out a pocket watch from the jacket pocket seemed to be left on film. Today, in order to reflect the ultimate craftsmanship and history, pocket watches are still quietly with us. Pocket Watches: History hangs up Jacques Dero Grand Opening white enamel-faced pocket watches. Hermes Arceau rose gold perpetual calendar pocket watch, limited to 24 pieces, only sold in China, including 6 pairs of watches (cream white surface rose gold style; charcoal surface rose gold style) and 12 charcoal surface rose gold style.

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Chen Bailin Joins Hands With Casio Watches

On May 2nd, Casio G-SHOCK ‘SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR2011’ Chen Bailin Zhengzhou Autograph Session landed in Zhengzhou Fashion Plaza Guomao 360 Plaza. This time, Casio G-SHOCK and Chen Bailin joined hands to see Chen Bailin as a Taiwanese new-generation idol, which has a very high popularity in the Asian youth market.
Casio G-SHOCK has always adhered to subverting existing impressions and has long become a striking trend logo. While Chen Bailin, who is active in the film and television industry and trend circle, has a unique personality and tactile touch that is in line with the Casio G-SHOCK brand image. At the event site, in addition to Chen Bailin personally showing the commemorative watches specially tailored for G-SHOCK, other new models were also displayed at the scene, making the scene full of fashion. The fans at the scene were also very enthusiastic, and the wave of shouting the name of the idol was higher than the wave. On the stage, Chen Bailin had a fun interaction with the fans, and finally two lucky people received the Chen Bailin commemorative watch sent by Casio.
According to reports, Casio G-SHOCK was born in 1983. As an indicator of trendy watches, it is supported by many creative celebrities. It is not only a watch, but a fashion label that represents an authoritative culture and era, becoming a brand of pop culture. Now G-SHOCK is further carrying out the integration of various cultures, spreading the spirit of ‘SHOCK THEWORLD’ to the world.

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The Fall Of The Watch The Best Representative Of Personal Taste

The new Speedmaster women’s chronograph watch has accurate and reliable timing performance and unparalleled fashion style. This series of watches is divided into 4 different types due to the color and material differences of the bezel, dial and strap. The black ceramic bezel, gray dial and dark gray crocodile leather strap stand out from the collection, and the 54 diamonds on the bezel have become the symbol of the watch’s owner and status. Omega Speedmaster 38mm Women’s Watch IWC Large Engineer Automatic Zidane Limited Edition
腕表 This watch is undoubtedly the perfect extension of the cooperation between Schaffhausen IWC and star Zidane. The dark brown dial, the Arabic numeral ’10’ in the table is displayed in a striking bright red, which is the jersey number of Zidane during his many years of playing for the French national team. And through the transparent sapphire glass case back, you can clearly see the name of the retired star engraved on the winding rotor. The dark brown crocodile leather strap matches the dial’s tone and is very comfortable to wear. Limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide.
Patek Philippe ‘Nautilus’ Series 5712
Although the reasons are unknown, the popularity of Nautilus 5712 has become an indisputable fact. After experiencing the global financial tsunami, the ‘Nautilus’ series took the lead in rebounding, and 5712 was particularly noticeable. Moon phase, calendar, energy storage display, brown dial with red gold bezel, continuing the style of the ‘Nautilus’ series. The boldest match in the history of the watch, no wonder it was loved by the people.
IWC Large Engineer Chronograph Watch German Football Association Limited Edition
This limited edition watch jointly launched by Schaffhausen IWC and the German Football Association has become the official watch of the German national football team. Stainless steel case with black alligator strap, dial diameter 45.5mm, thickness 14.5mm, limited edition of 250 pieces worldwide. If you want to get this watch, you must either be nominated by the coach of the German national team Joachim Löw, or your region is the priority market for this watch, China has only three.
Bapex Watch
Black is full of hidden mystery for many people, especially the all-soul version of the watch, which has always been a trendy indicator of purchase. Even Fujiwara asked the British Bamford Watch Department to use PVD technology to special A few fragmentdesign Lightning Edition ‘Black Fishing’. And BAPE also launched the latest all-black soul version of Bapex. In addition to the numbers and engravings on the 3-pin watch, black is used as the main color for the body, strap and dial, cool!
Pilot’s Special Edition Saint Saint-Exupéry Platinum
腕表 This watch is a masterpiece of Swiss pilot’s watch, its design is eye-catching and elegant. The high-quality platinum case with a smoky brown dial is engraved with the military pilot shape of Saint Exupery. IWC-made 51111 movement, Pellaton automatic winding device, seven-day power reserve, power reserve display, Breguet hairspring and date display and other classic functions, and precision machinery make it unique.
Dior Christal 42mm Automatic Black- Diamond
由 The origin of the Dior Christal series is the perfect match between Christian and Crystal. Over the years, Dior Christal has produced different dazzling styles, red, blue, black, etc. Among them, the purple sapphire crystal can calm the ladies’ heart. This Automatic Black model, bezel-set with diamonds and black sapphire crystals, plus the diamond in the center of the dial, is called Diamond Watches, which deserves its name. The watch uses an ETA automatic movement with a power reserve of 42 hours.
Dior Chiffre Rouge D02
IthThe Irreductible movement in Dior Chiffre Rouge D02 is manufactured by Zenith. This watch is unique in that: first, the 316L stainless steel molded from black rubber has an unparalleled texture; second, the extremely wide crown on the right, in addition to the shape and shape, its practical use It is to ensure that the watch remains safe at a depth of 300 meters.

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