When There Is No Weight At All, Yin Yin Is A Pity Tissot Pr100 Observatory Certified Quartz Watch Guards Every Frame Of Time

In the long river, picking a ray of golden time, traced back to the end of that time, it is a water-like time that everyone can’t forget. In a turbulent time, like a white horse crossing a gap, instead of lamenting the rush of time, it is better to tighten the tail of every inch of time. Tissot PR100 Observatory certification watch, enjoy the quartz movement Observatory certification award, precision is extraordinary. The low-battery display function reduces the inconvenience caused by the stop of the watch, and the hands move back to full power. The ingenious 6 o’clock position calendar is enlarged to make the date reading more clear. Show a stable and reliable personality in a simple and textured design, and highlight the connotation of the trend in a variety of combinations. The Tissot PR100 Observatory-certified quartz watch will protect every good time for you.
Long-lasting, low-key and quality complement each other

Tissot PR100 Observatory certified quartz men’s watch stitching steel chain

Tissot PR100 Observatory Certified Quartz Men’s Watch Brown Strap
 Time is like an excellent gold digger. Everything that is not enough to match the word ‘quality’ must not last. However, the Tissot PR100 series watch has passed the trial. As early as the 1984 Olympic Games, the Tissot PR100 series, named after ‘Precision’ and ‘Robustness’, lived up to expectations and became the official timer for the German and Swiss teams. Today, Tissot has launched a unique quartz observatory certification model, which is not only a continuation of the consistent high accuracy of the PR100 series, but also a commitment to create a high-quality timepiece. The rich style and wide range of men’s watches have made it the Tissot best-selling watch list for the past decade. The metal stitching bracelet model created by superb polishing and brushing technology has a full design sense; the rose gold and brown leather strap models bring a strong retro style; the dial style is also available in black and white to meet the wearer’s personalization Taste requirements. Its extraordinary texture and rock quality are specially designed for quality men, highlighting male charm.
Elegant and stylish, simplicity and fashion complement each other

Tissot PR100 Observatory Certified Quartz Women’s Diamond
 The Tissot PR100 Observatory-certified quartz female watch abandoned the complicated case style at the beginning of the design, only outlined the outline with simple lines, but emphasized the delicate beauty of women in every detail, like a confident modern woman , Generous and elegant without losing grace, independence and gentleness, people can not help but love at first sight. Stainless steel straps with dials of different colors realize the harmonious collision between traditional classics and fashion. The rose gold bezel-set diamonds use 3 Weseltons at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock. Diamond stitching as a scale adds a stronger sense of value to the watch. Under the soft light, the 12 diamonds reflect a charming colorful halo between the wrists, making the wearer show noble charm in the hands and feet.
 The gears of time are turning tirelessly, and people and events that are worthless are hidden in the gloom of life. Tissot is willing to accompany you around with the PR100 Observatory certified watch to protect every inch of your time.
Technical Parameters:
Made in Switzerland
Quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL), official Swiss Observatory certification
Sapphire crystal
316L stainless steel case
Water-resistant to 10 bar (100 meters / 330 feet)
Strap: 316L stainless steel strap, push-button folding buckle; leather strap, standard buckle
Gold & Rose Gold with PVD coating
Men’s 39mm * 39mm
Women’s 33mm * 33mm
Diamond model: Wesselton, VS / SI grade, 12 pieces Suggested retail price:
Men’s RMB 3,700-4,450
Women’s RMB 3,700-5,050